Meet the band


3 Daze Lost's fearless - and slightly eccentric - leader!

Col has been playing in bands for a number of years, both as a guitarist and as purely the frontman.

His playing career began in a high school band with friends, as many others have before, and due to the lack of anyone else wanting the job, Col volunteered for vocal duties as well as playing guitar.

He has been in several groups over the years, doing both covers and original material.

Previous bands: Motherland, 10 Deep, 3 Days' Notice.


Bassist/vocalist in the group, Goddzi is co-founder of 3 Daze Lost with Col.

He started out playing bass by accident, when his best mate at high school asked if he fancied giving it a go. He only really started doing vocals to any great degree while in a covers band a few years ago, when it became apparent he was the only one who knew all the words to the songs in the set!

Previous bands: Wildcat/Terragon, Toxic Shok, Gasoline Alley, Wrecks Monday, 10 Deep, Bughouse, Within, Big, 3 Days' Notice, Loaded

Goddzi also plays with Ramshank and Sex Shop Ram Raid.


Dave also plays with Interiorz and Resurgence.


Matt "Hammer" Holmes has been playing drums for seven years. He loves his metal, and plays in both solid punk rock and power/speed metal styles - either way, he's a heavy hitter and uses his double-kick pedals not dissimilarly to players such as Dave Mackintosh (DragonForce) - one of Matt's favourite bands!

Previous bands: 14th Night, Obnoxious Jamboree, Using the Enemy (on bass), Karma Slave.

Matt also currently plays with Sathamel, an original blackened-death metal band from Leeds. Check them out!